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A convenience truck "plunged" into the Maine Ocean after the land has escaped

A tow truck was removed from the Atlantic Ocean after diving into the water when the ground collapsed under it last Tuesday morning in Harpsell, Maine.

The wreck was delivering a wharf system to the water's edge of the property, according to a Facebook post from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, when the land collapsed at 9:45 am

Harold Gray of Bowdoin, Maine, owns and operates the wreckage, but no one was injured in the incident, officials wrote. The truck was later removed by Copp Motors.

"The Department of Environmental Protection was contacted and informed of the incident and did not respond because there were no releases of fuel or other hazardous materials," wrote the sheriff's office .

This is not the only wreck that has landed in not so hot water. On Tuesday, the Times-Picayune spoke of a truck that crashed on the edge of a causeway and into Pontchartrain Lake, a brackish estuary located near New Orleans.



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