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A highly esported player abandoned for cheating after being exposed by his creator

Forensic Sportsman Johnathan Kosmala was dropped from the Kalibur squad when details were revealed that he was cheating in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers last weekend.

Strangely, it seems that CBV, the creator of the cheat (allowing you to see the positions of the players through the walls and other obstacles), is the one who exposed Kosmala and sent him away from the Kalibur team.

CBV says that it has paid Kosmala full and defends its actions, explaining that Kosmala was not fooling around to have fun, but was taking advantage of the professional players with $ 30 million in prize money. "[Kosmala’s intentions] Earn money and scam other players who are playing legitimately, CBV said. There is no difference between the fact that he steals these players and that he uses this fraud to steal those players. "

Epic Games responded to the situation in a statement to Polygon and stressed the importance of the integrity of the Fortnite competition. "We are actively monitoring all official competitions using a wide range of parameters and all winners are subject to additional scrutiny for various forms of cheating, with extensive investigations under way for all players. qualifying for the World Cup. "

A "blog about the integrity of the game" is expected later in the week by Epic. He will detail the "current and future efforts" to fight against cheaters.


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