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An Aladdin action sequence is under discussion, but it will not be a direct adaptation of Jafar's return.

The new live-action version of Disney's Aladdin has been a major success for the studio: it has grossed over a billion dollars at the global box office and currently ranks fifth among the biggest movies turnover in the world this year. Now, this looks like a sequel is in the planning stages.

Addressing SYFY WIRE, producer Dan Lin said the studio would "love" to make a sequel, claiming that "we have the impression that these characters have even more adventures to their credit" .

Of course, the original animated version of Disney's Aladdin already has a sequel: The Return of Jafar, a smooth video affair that takes place a year after the original. However, a sequel of actual action would likely differ a lot from the original 69 minutes, poorly received.

"As with Aladdin, it will not be a direct remake of any film already made," said Lin, "so we're looking for" where is the best way to go with these characters "".

The live-action Aladdin has remained very close to the original animated film in some ways, and derived in other respects: Iago, the parrot, does not speak in the new version, for example. The return of Jafar is less known than the original blockbuster of 1992 and would require a redesign to function as a sequel to the new Aladdin.

Lin also said that he thought that director Guy Richie and star Will Smith would likely come back: "Even before the box office success, they said it was the best performing experience of movies of their life ".


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