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Answers to questions about the design of the living room and the dining room

Q. We have recently moved into a 1960s colonial. There is a room next to the kitchen and next to the lobby of the living room that we want to use as a formal dining room. We wondered about other lighting options in addition to a chandelier. We did not check the prices for the electrical work and drywall installation, but we wondered if a floor lamp or two would also be a cost effective and attractive solution. I have never really seen or heard of floor lamps used in a formal dining room, so I do not know how that would happen. Which options and which direction might be the best?

A. I'm sure you have already eaten in a romantic and dimly lit restaurant. Is it the mood you want? If this is the case, the floor lamps would probably be sufficient. Although they look weird, a better choice would be to choose buffets placed on a buffet server or on a coffee table. Or wall lights, but it would involve, again, to call an electrician to install them. However, if you use the room more for informal family-style meetings, it will probably be too dark and too dark on the table and create a bad mood.

An electrician will not charge much for installing the chandelier. There is not much. Spend money and have one installed. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure at least one dimmer is installed. You will be happy to have done it!

In addition, when choosing the fixture, the diameter of the chandelier should be about half the width of the table and the bottom of the light should be 30 inches above the table for a ceiling of 8 feet – you can go slightly higher for a room. with higher ceiling. Or, for a 12×12 piece or less, use a 20 to 24 inch chandelier, and for 14×14 pieces or larger, use a 25 to 30 inch chandelier.