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Apex Legends but all legends are Reddit *** posts

The subtitle Apex Legends began its fall into the inevitable madness today, while the cover page is filled with memes reinterpreting the game's alignment in the form of creatures and other objects. It started with "Apex Legends but all legends are bugs", but it quickly escalated – first with alternatives that rhyme like pugs and cups, then with just about anything the Internet can imagine .

The original message casts the captions as follows: Bloodhound is a mosquito, Gibraltar is a rhino, Lifeline is a bee, Pathfinder is a spider, Octane is a tiger, Wraith is a cockroach, Bangalore is a bomber., Caustic is a stink bug, and Mirage is an ant. Everything becomes clear. It's a cute blunder. He has had more than 15,000 positive votes so far.

Naturally, a popular meme generates another, so we quickly saw the Legends as pugs (Pathfinder is very good), then more of an interpretation of Legends as cups. It took about three encounters with the meme before the subreddit eats its own tail, and we have the masterpiece "Apex Legends but all legends are legends".

Then the madness began, with titles transforming legends into cats, and my favorite one, turning legends into digletts. Yes, like the Pokemon. All Digletts.

There is also "Apex Legends except that I play like them", which turns all legends into garbage cans. This is relatable content.

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The "soft fraud" in Apex Legends is the other big concern of the sub-market today, while cheats have started using cheats a little less effective to launch automatic detection.

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