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Apex Legends is the game we did not know we wanted

Apex Legends I've blinded to more than one title. I had already set a loose game schedule for the coming weeks, and now this fantastic royal battle game is pretty much the only thing I want to play.

It was not so difficult to make room in my schedule for Apex Legends. With Overwatch Finally, falling out of my rotation, I had a gap left wide open. I tried to fill it with Battlefield V and maybe a little Black Ops 4 here and there, but they do not even hang me in the same way as Apex Legends at. I am now reading strategies, watching video highlights and even thinking about the game during my daily commute to the office. It's the perfect mix of two of my favorite genres. So, naturally, he grabbed the top spot in my playlist.

This week, I sat down with another of my colleagues, who was just as obsessed with talking about what makes Apex Legends so well and why it could not have come at a better time for both of us.

Watch the video or read an excerpt here:

Paul: I was like "agree, my next match will be Anthem. "I was doing scouting.

Gita: Yes, it was my plan, was to check Anthem and motor through Far cry so that I can write about it and that has just been thrown out the window the minute Apex Legends went out of.

Paul: This completely ruined my game plans, and I can not remember the last time a game did that. A game came out of nowhere and I'm obsessed with the game now. Watch pro-strat videos. It's like feeling Overwatch again for me. I'm learning the meta and looking for ways to be more effective the next time I play. I think of the game when I do not even play it.

Gita: I am completely obsessed. "Obsessed" is the right word. I was physically supported by Apex Legends. I've never been one to watch highlighted clips, but I'm doing it now. I get up and check the work of Reddit every morning, but now I find myself in my spare time scrolling through the pages. Apex Legends subreddit and watch all the highlights of the clip. And I just know that I can not explain what makes it so fascinating for me, for another person.



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