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Best Division 2 Weapons Guide: What Should You Choose?

Division 2 This is a tasty loot, and nothing better than finding a new brilliant weapon with stats across the roof. Here are a few the best weapons we found in The Division 2 until now.

As the game just came out, let's leave the name of the specific powerful weapons until it's a Dark area The meta has taken shape, and holds to the archetypes that seem strong at this early stage.

As you advance through the story of The Division 2 and reach the maximum level of 30, you will see a ton of different weapons along the way.

Do not be too attached to a particular weapon, as it will soon be outclassed. Concentrate on the family of weapons you like to use, then equip yourself with the best.

The best weapons guide in Division 2

In a tactical shooting game based on cover like The Division 2, most of your engagements will be in the medium or long term. This means that it will be quite difficult to reduce the health of an enemy if your weapon bounces like a dog on a trampoline.

The low recoil guns with great stability, such as machine guns and some assault rifles, are very powerful because they allow you to get a higher DPS because you miss fewer shots. This allows you to reach targets that are out of range and get a lot of shots on the enemies you catch.

  • Sniper and Marksman rifles with striped bezel

The Division 2 sniper rifles, with the exception of the iconic Sharpshooter weapon, feel a little weak.

Because enemies shoot multiple shots, even if you hit them in the head, the laborious slowness of target acquisition, the low firing rate and the significant retreat of the ecopaged weapons can make them difficult to recommend.

However, if you access the edit menu of a weapon and you delete all its locations, you can remove the rifle scope, which leaves you something a little like the old Kar98k from Call of Duty World at War.

It takes a while to get used to it because of the proliferation of reticle, but unarmed snipers still have huge damage from their zoomed counterparts, but without the slightest difficulty with target acquisition.

If you need a second primary to inflict heavy damage on enemies that are hiding intermittently, without compromising your view of the battlefield, test it. Our favorites are the Classic M1A, Model 700 and Classic M44 rifles.

  • Specialized and superior light machine guns

For starters, The Division 2's LMGs seem a little odd. They do not have this precision, their charger is not bigger than an assault rifle and their reticle is a strange box.

When you begin to understand how they are used best, they begin to make a lot more sense. If you stay under cover, this box gets a lot smaller and it's amazing to line up mid-range head shots – which can earn you an extra ton of experience when combined with the Accolade Head advantage. During multi-story missions, this can earn you an absolute ton of XP, so it's worth it to try.

The weapon bonus damage bonus on uncovered targets is also very useful, so consider using one for medium range engagements.

What are the best weapon combinations you've enjoyed in The Division 2? Let us know in the comments!

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