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Best Minecraft Enchantments: How to Give Your Equipment Powerful Benefits

Minecraft is an enchanting game in all sorts of ways, but especially when you can imbue your equipment with powerful benefits. Yes, we are talking about Minecraft enchantments. It is one of the most complicated systems of the game, so we are here to help you.

Enchanting in Minecraft is an essential mechanism to prepare you for the end of the game, as it gives your items various special effects. You can all enchant, weapons, tools and armor, so you certainly have something in your possession that you can take to the next level.

Surviving without enchantments is possible, but it will make your experience much more difficult. So let's move on to the question of how to use enchantments in Minecraft, what they do and which ones you want to associate with your equipment.

How to build an enchanting table

To create an enchanting Minecraft table, you first need ingredients, which are four pieces of obsidian, two diamonds and a book. To get obsidian, you need a diamond pick: you can steal the diamonds you need for that in the depths of the world. A little luck may be needed.

The obsidian, on the other hand, does not need luck to be found. In addition, you can make it yourself. The obsidian is formed when water and lava meet, so grab a bucket and go in search of hot products.

You can make books by combining three pieces of paper and leather, or by destroying book cases. Either way, they are one of the easiest items to get for the enchanting table.

Once you have the ingredients, you can combine them with the help of a craft table. Just place the obsidian along the bottom row, then the middle one should look like diamond, obsidian, diamond. Finally, a book must be placed in the high-middle space. Then, it is time to enchant.

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How to enchant objects

The enchanting articles of Minecraft come in three main flavors, each with different rules. The main way to enchant objects is to use an enchanting table, which allows you to exchange experience points and Lapis Lazuli to grant special effects to your objects.

There are two other ways to enchant objects. The first is to associate an enchanted book with an object that does not contain enchantment. The other is to combine two enchanted objects into one object containing the enchantments of both.

To enchant objects, you must place Lapis Lazuli in the table, then the item you want to enchant. Once you're done, a list of enchantments is displayed. Each one has a cost level not exceeding your level and the number of Lapis Lazuli in the table. The higher your level, the better the enchantments. That said, there is no real way to guarantee the enchantments you want.

If you hover over the enchantments, you'll see a suggestion about what these enchantments can include. If you are lucky, you can get more than one. You can also make these enchantments more powerful if you set up libraries around the enchanter table. If you put up to fifteen libraries around the table, the created enchantments will be much more powerful.

You can not modify the proposed enchantments until you have selected one. For example, if you enchant a book, you can save these enchantments for later. Then you can combine it with an anvil object to enchant it. This is a great way to not accidentally waste litter enchantments on your diamond sword.

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The best Minecraft enchantments

There is a wide range of Minecraft enchantments, each with different levels of effectiveness. It can take a long time to develop your perfect setup, but it's worth it if you're patient enough. Here are the ones to watch for:

What he does:
Increases the durability of your items and extends them longer.
Maximum level:

What he does: Allows you to repair experienced objects.
Maximum level: 1.

What he does: Increases the declines of some blocks, making rare items much more generous.
Maximum level: 3

What he does: Increases crowd drop.
Maximum level: 3

What he does: Allows you to shoot your bow without using arrows.
Maximum level: 1.

What he does: Increase the damage with your sword or ax.
Maximum level: 5

So much for our guide of Minecraft enchantments. I hope you will feel wiser, stronger and ready to face the perilous world of Mojang. Otherwise, you know at least a little more than before. Making the perfect items takes a lot of time and luck, but it's certainly worth it.


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