British ISP transforms broadband infrastructure into EV charging stations

The telecommunications company is testing the concept using Virgin Media's cabinets and cable ducts, the Financial Times reports. The existing infrastructure means that, if the test goes well, Liberty could install charging stations in thousands of its cabinets.

It seems Liberty will first build the charge points next to the cabinets instead of converting them. The company has partnered with Connected Connected Connected Startup to build the first test station, which will open in Southwark, London, this week. Liberty hopes to have up to six test loading points set up by mid-April. It also plans tests in Belgium via its Telenet network, while stations could download car data, since they will be connected to Virgin's broadband network.

This is not the first time a telecommunications sector has made such a decision. Last year, Deutsche Telekom revealed its intention to turn 12,000 cabinets into charging points.

At the same time, Liberty received government support for its test, as the Innovate UK agency provided funding consistent with its emission reduction target. The UK aims to stop sales of gasoline and diesel cars and vans by 2040. The establishment of a vast electric vehicle charging network is an important factor in achieving this goal.


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