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Build roof dormers |

Roof skylights illuminate the interior and add living space in the attic. To convert the attic into a bedroom or other dwelling, it is important to build at least two roof dormers for ventilation and to reduce humidity. There are different styles of skylights, from curved to polygonal, and you can choose according to the desired design.

Step 1 – Map the design

Illustrate the design on a paper to estimate the size of the dormers and to help you estimate the cost of your project. Visit a supply store with the draft to get the required amount of supplies.

Step 2 – Put your artwork on a visible floor

Draw the plane of the window on the attic floor near the place where you want to open. The diagram should be plumb. Insert a nail on each corner of the roof with the measurements you have taken. Make the outline of the sides using a plumb bob to direct yourself and draw straight lines with chalk. If the cut touches the rafters, hammer a 2 'x 4' bracket up and down that will be in place until you attach the new rafters to the recessed roof.

Step 3 – Prepare the surface