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Carlos Maza reportedly left Vox after homophobic attacks

Carlos Maza, the controversial host of the show "Strikethrough," appears to be endangered at Vox Media.

Maza was engaged in a fierce battle with the far-right provocateur Steven Crowder, who, according to Latino Maza, openly homosexual, attacked with rants that he considered racist and homophobic.

In June, Maza lobbied YouTube to criticize Crowder's video channel for hate speech. At first, YouTube refused to remove the channel, claiming that it did not violate YouTube's guidelines, but then gave in and agreed to "demonetize" the site, without, however, banning it altogether.

Maza also had Tucker Carlson in his sights.

"Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist and YouTube is enjoying hate speech," he tweeted. The twitter account of Maza reads @gaywonk.

At first, according to sources, Vox leaders had backed him in his battle with Crowder. But while Maza wanted to intensify the total war, their support seemed to diminish.

Attempts to reach Maza by email were unsuccessful, although he posted the word "hello of the most chaotic weeks of my life" on Twitter on August 11th.

This triggered the response of one of his fans, Shannon P. Duffy.

"Listen to the legions of your fans. We appreciate your voice. You are our warrior. We love and need you. The shrapnel of enemies can not pierce the armor we gave you. Trust this. "

Vox Media did not return calls asking for comments. But one source said Maza is negotiating severance pay.



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