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DayZ will be changed everywhere because of the Australian ban

DayZ has had some problems in Australia recently. When the Australian survival game dealer requested a rating on the leaderboard before the physical exit, it was rejected. The rejection, actually a ban, extends to the digital version, which is removed from the sale.

Last week, Bohemia Interactive told me that the rejection was related to drug use and that it was looking for a way to keep the game available in Australia. For the moment, it seems that this solution is a global change.

For Australian players not to be excluded, DayZ will be changed in all areas, said Bohemia Interactive at Kotaku Australia.

"At the moment, we are in the process of modifying the overall version of DayZ in order to adapt it to the requirements of the board. The main objective is to keep the gameplay as authentic as it was, so that the players are not affected by this change. "

The details of the changes have not been detailed, and it's especially strange because DayZ does not describe recreational drug use. However, it contains morphine, which caused problems similar to Bethesda, prompting them to change its name to Med-X in Fallout. There are also files for cannabis, although this does not appear in the live game.

If you think that Fallout has something to change, just change the name to appease the board. It's very arbitrary and unnecessary, of course, and if there was a real problem, a name change would solve nothing, but at least that would not disturb the players too much.


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