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DayZ will eliminate drug use around the world to satisfy Australia

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Australian Classification Board had refused to assign an age rating to the physical release of DayZ – the still popular zombie sandbox game that somehow inspired the royal battle genre. By not allowing any age classification, the classification table had effectively banned gambling – and this also extended to online sales as the board of directors was preparing to block DayZ in digital stores.

This was entirely due to "the use of illegal or prohibited drugs linked to incentives or rewards", more specifically to the fact that cannabis was a usable substance, although cannabis as a product or cultivated plant did not. has not yet been implemented in DayZ.

The developer Bohemia Interactive will make changes to the game to align with the Australian ranking, both for the physical version and for the digital version of the game – but the change is that these changes will not affect only Australia. Bohemia will modify the global version of DayZ to remove all drug references from the game.

According to a statement made in Kotaku Australia, Bohemia said he does not want to "separate Australian players from the rest of the world because many people play between different regions." We like DayZ to be the perfect place to meet friends and experience the game without significant regional shift. "

"We are in the process of editing the overall version of DayZ to suit the requirements of the board," says the developer. "The main goal is to keep the gameplay as authentic as it was, so that players are not affected by this change."

The studio did not specify what changes would be made to the Australian or World versions of DayZ. Presumably, if cannabis is not yet available in the game, there should be no obvious change in DayZ. However, if the Australian Classification Committee objects to medical items, such as morphine, the changes may be more noticeable. Players will just have to wait and see, unfortunately.

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