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De Blasio bans ads on alcohol from New York property

More than a year after the MTA banned ads for alcoholic beverages in subways and buses, Mayor Bill de Blasio is following his example.

The mayor announced Tuesday that ads on alcohol would no longer be allowed on the bus shelters, newsstands, phone booths and LinkNYC kiosks.

"There is no doubt that far too many New Yorkers are struggling with serious substance abuse problems, including alcohol abuse," said the mayor in a statement.

"This ban on alcohol advertising on city properties reaffirms our commitment to health equity and our goal of protecting the well-being of all New Yorkers."

The ban takes effect immediately.

But existing ads will be allowed to stay in place until the contracts expire.

In October 2017, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's board banned the advertising of alcoholic beverages at train stations, subways and buses, following the outcry from defenders who accused them of advertising alcohol.

This ban took effect three months later.



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