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Demonstrations of duel against the decision of Jussie Smollett burst in Chicago

Demonstrations of duels erupted Monday in Chicago about the Jussie Smollett affair. Hundreds of protesters, including angry policemen and community activists, went to state prosecutor Kim Foxx's offices following last week's decision to drop the lawsuit.

"Foxx has to leave!" Shouted members of the fraternal police order of the city, who was present.

"The racists must leave!" Reported the activists.

A number of community groups, including the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, gathered outside Foxx's downtown office Monday after FOP members announced they would protest.

The militants were largely outnumbered, with countless cops and retired officers presenting themselves with signs to express outrage at the treatment of the Smollett case.

"Make Crook County a big hit again: put Kim Foxx in jail," read a sign that was picked up by CPD's retired agent, Patrick Learnahan.

"If the police do not do their job, she fires them, but [Foxx] did not do his job and nothing happened to him, "Learnahan told the Chicago Sun-Times.

FOP members have called for a federal investigation into Foxx and its decision to withdraw charges from the "Empire" actor, arguing that it may have broken the law by attempting to remove the The Chicago police case.

"Someone must tell Kim Foxx that she is the prosecutor, not the public defender," said Peter Garza, a retired CPD detective. "You can not have a prosecutor who has this state of mind of a public defender."

Foxx supporters accused the FOP of using Smollett's situation to launch a defamation campaign against him.

"Kim Foxx's attack does not concern Jussie," said Reverend Michael Pfleger, pastor of Sainte-Sabine Church. "It's an excuse to remove a strong black woman."

Nubia Ptah, who was also part of "Team Foxx," agreed, saying the FOP's efforts were "an atrocity."

"It's insidious that they say she has to leave," Ptah told the Sun-Times. "Kim Foxx is going nowhere to work tomorrow. It's pretending to be indignant and to create anger.

Members of the fraternal police order and supporters of the group protested on Monday against Cook County attorney, lawyer Kim Foxx.
Members of the Fraternal Order of Police and supporters of the group protest against Cook County State Lawyer Kim Foxx on Monday.AP

Many activists spoke of LaQuan McDonald's shooting in 2014, implicating a police officer – who was subsequently convicted of murder – who had killed a 17-year-old man.

"Sixteen shots and a blanket," chanted the protesters.

"It's fake justice," commented Frank Chapman, Co-Chair of CAARPR, in response to FOP's outrage.

"Not a FOP person or a member of their family has called a protest to defend or do justice to Laquan McDonald," he told the Chicago Tribune.

Smollett, 36, was charged earlier this month with a misdemeanor for allegedly organizing a hate crime against himself and filing a false police report. The charges were dropped last week by prosecutors in exchange for community services and the confiscation of Smollett's $ 10,000 bail.

Foxx, just a month ago, had withdrawn from the case because of a conversation she had with one of Smollett's parents, who had received her number from a democratic fundraiser related to former first lady Michelle Obama. She denied being involved in the decision to drop the Smollett lawsuits.

In the meantime, police have repeatedly said that Smollett was still guilty of organizing a fake hate crime against himself. CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson doubled his position in a statement this weekend.

"As the state attorney has made clear, Mr. Smollett has not been exonerated," Johnson said. "I support the professionalism of the detectives who worked on this case as well as the findings of the independent grand jury."

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