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Descenders The publisher has seen Descenders' Xbox One Sales & # 39; Quadruple when he reached the pass

Descenders, a downhill mountain bike game that was used very early on Steam and Xbox One in May, did well on Xbox One – and according to Mike Rose, founder of No More Robots, it's the visibility of the game on Game Pass which led to high sales.

Descenders was part of the May 2019 Xbox Game Pass lineup, alongside games like Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, Tacoma and The Surge. His addition to Game Pass took place at the same time the game was leaving Early Access, adding multiplayer mode in its 1.0 update.

Conventional wisdom suggests that a game published on Game Pass – available to anyone with a subscription at no additional cost – might have a hard time selling, as players are less likely to pay for something than they do. 39 they know that they could get as part of an affordable monthly subscription. But to Rose's surprise, this was not the case for the descenders.

Addressing to, Rose revealed that, despite the initial skepticism aroused by the idea of ​​placing Descenders on Game Pass, sales have increased, as Game Pass has made the game much more visible to consumers. potential customers.

During their launch month, No More Robots saw sales of Xbox Descenders "quadruple" in relation to their Advance Access sales, despite the lack of discounts. Apparently they have "settled about three times more than before". Rose says that Game Pass is "essentially an advertisement" and ensures that the game is visible on the Xbox dashboard.

Nevertheless, although Game Pass worked very well for the team in this case, Rose remains somewhat skeptical about the future prospects of the service: "You imagine that the numbers will go down, making it less worth it for people, but then at that moment everybody is on it, so you to have to be on it. "

To date, more than 600,000 people have played the Descenders.


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