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Destiny 2: Forsaken: Guide to Week 2 of the Ascendants Challenge – Lost Sanctuary

This is the second week of the Ascendant Challenge playlist in Destiny 2.

The Ascending Challenge Playlist is part of Dreaming City in Destiny 2: Forsaken, in constant evolution. This challenge is quite simple and can be completed solo or as part of a team team.

See Petra Venj in the City of Dreams for this challenge and make sure you can count on Queensfoil tincture at hand.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Ascending Challenge, second week

The presentation of this week's challenge is: "At the edge of the belvedere, the garden is growing." What you need to do is head to The Dreaming City and head towards Rheasilvia.

At the exit of the cave, turn right and continue until an opening with a large tree in the center. This is the garden. Once you are in this area, turn left and on the edge of the portal.

You will have to use the Queensfoil tincture element to enter the portal, so consume this for your Buff 30 minutes and cross the gate.

You will then arrive in Lost Sanctuary. In this section, the focus is on three orbs and several powerful knights.

In the center, there is a space to drop the orbs. Ideally, this should be completed as part of a Fireteam, so you can take an orb and a knight each.

Walking in the dark fields will slow you down, so avoid doing it. Also, you do not seem to be protected when you dive the orbs, so watch out for the enemies around you.

There are some enemies of Phalanx taken and scattered, as well as the knights you must defeat. If you have less than Power level 520-530 this section could be quite difficult even as part of a team team.

On the periphery of the central platform are trees. If you jump on it, you will be safe from Knights and all melee enemies. This is a good point of view for sniper rifles or reconnaissance rifles.

Once you have defeated all the knights, a booty will appear and you can hand over the bonus for even more powerful equipment.

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