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Destiny 2 microtransactions "allow us to fund creative efforts" such as the Zero Hour mission

Destiny 2 is expected to undergo a substantial reboot later this year on the release date of Shadowkeep. This will be our first opportunity to see what Bungie has in mind now that he has taken the series independently. The controversial Eververse store will still be part of it, but how does a studio like Bungie rely on microtransactions for financing?

"As some have cleverly pointed out, MTX is an important part of our live-play business," says director Luke Smith in a long description of the state of Destiny 2. "I will not say that" MTX finance the studio's or "studio" pays for projects like Shadowkeep – it does not fully fund these activities. But it helps fund the ongoing development of Destiny 2 and allows us to fund creative efforts that we could not otherwise afford.

"For example: the ornaments of Whisper of the Worm were a success enough to pay [dev cost-wise] so that the mission / rewards of Zero Hour are built (this shit counts!). "

Rob Adams, Whisper and Zero Hour's creative manager, told Game Informer earlier this year that Zero Hour has been in development for about seven months, compared to four months for Whisper, which also has a smaller development team.

This is not entirely an individual solution: "Whisper ornaments have yielded so much money, which saves three months of development time", but this suggests that the scope of these projects can expand directly thanks to a successful monetization.

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