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‘Dota Underlords’ beta tests its first battle pass

In an effort to avoid the issues like the ones that caught out previous Dota 2 spin-off Artifact and Apex — or falling behind other competitors in its turn-based combat genre like Riots’ Teamfight Tactics — Valve has kicked off a “Proto Pass” for beta testers to try. It’s still free, so the developers can figure out what works and squash bugs while players unlock rewards like a new board, banners and emotes. The developers have already mentioned that certain heroes, items and alliances will disappear from season to season, so getting the balance right will take some work.

Otherwise, the game’s latest update also supports Steam invisible mode, just in case you’re supposed to be “working” right now plus various game balancing tweaks and performance updates on mobile devices. The latest update is available now across PC, Android and iOS.


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