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Dr. Mario World Releases Early, Out Now On iOS And Android

Dr. Mario World, the latest mobile spin-off game of a popular Nintendo property, is now available to download on iOS and Android platforms. The game was slated for release for July 10 but dropped a little early. As with other Nintendo mobile games, it’s free-to-play with in-app purchases. You can download it through the links below.

In the case of Dr. Mario World, the available purchases are bundles of Diamonds ranging from $2 to $70. Diamonds can refresh your energy meter or be used to purchase items like extra capsules. Another currency, Coins, is earned through in-game progress and can be used to summon additional doctors.

Our hands-on with Dr. Mario World showed promise as an appealing spin on the Dr. Mario formula and a good fit for mobile platforms. The one sticking point will be how aggressively gated the microtransactions actually are, and that won’t become entirely clear until the game is put through its paces by a wider audience over a longer time.

“Dr. Mario World’s success ultimately hinges on how intrusive these free-to-play elements are in the full game, but from what we’ve sampled of it, the title seems like a promising mobile take on the series embellished by some smart new gameplay elements,” Kevin Knezevic wrote. “It also appears there will be a lot of content right out of the gate; Nintendo says there will be more than 200 stages at launch, with more on the way in the future. The company will also introduce new doctors and assistants to the game post-release.”


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