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False show of rage by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

If there is anyone in America who believes that the leaders of the Democratic Party are interested in a constructive dialogue with President Trump on substantive issues such as infrastructure, I have a conspiracy theory. Russian to sell them.

When Trump broke off a meeting with Democratic leaders on Wednesday over a possible infrastructure deal, the Liberals and their media allies had regained their total indignation that week. Nancy Pelosi, an allegedly angry House Speaker, asserted that she and the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, had gone to the White House in a "bipartisan spirit", to then be pushed back.

That was only hours after Pelosi accused the president of engaging in criminal "cover-up".

According to media reports, Trump walked in without having "seated or shook hands" and told the assembled people that he was willing to work on infrastructure agreements, trade agreements and agricultural bills. It would be impossible for Pelosi to continue to accuse him of criminality and support perpetual trolling expeditions to Congress.

And then, in the manner of Trumpian, the president went to the Rose Garden to meet the press and asked the Democrats to "ensure that these bogus investigations are over."

Now, when we consider that the whole agenda of the congressional Democrats is to investigate an investigation already completed with a special council that had cleared the president of the conspiracy charges propagated by his opposition for two years, it seems unlikely that Pelosi takes Trump's request into account.

Earlier in the day, in fact, Pelosi had met with his caucus on the issue of removal. Although Pelosi described the summit as "respectful sharing of ideas", it would have reportedly warned its members against the potential political disadvantages of impeachment.

Despite everything, Pelosi felt compelled to appease his fellow Democrats. "We think the US president is engaged in a camouflage operation," she told the world after the meeting. "We believe that no one is above the law, including the President of the United States."

Maybe one day the political pressure will become too heavy to end the impeachment. But now, why should Pelosi have an interest in engaging in an expensive and precarious procedure while it can initiate criminal prosecution through eternal investigations backed up by a docile medium that adopts all the narratives that it has? ;it offers?

"Watching what happened at the White House would make the jaw drop," Schumer told the press. "It is clear that it was not a spontaneous gesture of the president. It was planned. "

It is plausible that Trump, a performer, organized the strike to put pressure on the Democrats. So what? Pelosi knew exactly what she was doing at her morning meeting on the impeachment, and then walking to the Oval Office to play fake, eat her cake and eat it.

Do not buy Pelosi and Schumer indignantly. They like the status quo. This allows them to use Congressional scrutiny checks as a cudgel to lobby for fictitious public impeachment, which undermines Trump's political agenda. However, if it helps, they can also ask Trump to meet with them in good faith to make deals that are interesting for their party. There is absolutely no reason for the president to play the game.



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