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Fortnite shop update: the new skin is a cop

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The new skin of Fortnite is totally a cop, and I guess I have no room to crack considering the fact that I play D.Va in Overwatch with his law enforcement outfit.

The Bravo Leader sports all the attachments of a Hollywood policeman, a sort of iteration of special forces, including multi-armed cases attached to the legs, a gas mask, as many epaulettes and chest belts as a Final character. Fantasy, and a cap show that he lives on the edge. This fantasy power will make you run 1200 V-Bucks.

Also new in the shop, 500 "V-Bucks" are the "Tac Bats", which are not combat mammals, but tactical batons. Bizarre!

These skins are not quite in keeping with Fortnite's once-caricatural vibrations, but if you prefer to look like a government official rather than a dog in a hoodie, Epic will have you .

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