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Halo Infinite will build "a bigger universe and a bigger set of game scenarios"

We do not know much about Halo Infinite. At Microsoft's press conference on E3 2019 earlier this year, the company revealed that the latest Master Chief adventure would be a Xbox Scarlett launch title – in addition to the release on Xbox One and on PC – during the holidays of 2020. We are still waiting to see how that works, however, and we can not help but wonder how this differs from previous Halo experiences.

Matt Booty, vice president of Xbox Games Studios, revealed additional details about the upcoming title in a recent interview with Game Informer.

"The first thing that's really cool and where this game is headed, is how they [343 Industries] Booty explained, "I'm not going to go that far in talking about" sandbox "because we are talking about a sandbox and people seem to overload that term with a lot of other things. team made to create a universe and sets of larger game scenarios, and other types of things to explore is awesome. "

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Halo Infinite is running on the all-new Slipspace gaming engine from 343 Industries, whose studio director, Chris Lee, said it aimed to support Halo's titles for the next 10 years. "The things they're working on are really cool, and while they're adapting Slipspace's engine to the current graphics situation, there's just some cool stuff," Booty said. "From a design point of view, it's really cool to see them come back to some of the shape and design languages ​​of the previous Halos – you could say Halo, when you get into Halo 5, maybe it's a little "busy" in terms of design. [For Halo Infinite] it feels more modern and cleaner, but there are also stronger echoes that come back to Halo's roots. I would say that visually impressive and more expansive. "

Finding the roots of Halo has been a common thread among the many information related to Halo Infinite. Earlier this year, Brian Jarrard, community director at 343, shared a blog post revealing the long-awaited return of split-screen support for the series in Infinite. The studio also announced that it would support the local multiplayer mode and confirmed that the Infinite characters would wear black underwear – a small detail, but reminiscent of Halo's debut.

During the interview, Booty also revealed that Microsoft considers The Outer Worlds as an exclusive franchise.

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