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here is an overview of the manufacture of gear and weapons

You can make weapons, equipment and components in Anthem to make them more powerful. Here is how it works.

The loot in the anthem ranges from common, rare, rare, epic, masterpiece and legendary. Once you reach a higher level of rarity, the loot will have inscriptions. These are bonuses or statistical improvements for components, equipment and weapons.

They will also come in numbers depending on the scarcity of your equipment, but these are thrown at random when you get the weapons.

If you like the weapon, but do not like statistics, you have a choice. One is to cultivate for it in the game world. The other is to make it again and again using Blueprints until you get the desired listings.

Indeed, you can not raise weapons in Anthem, but you can reform them several times. Basically, instead of reviving, you are reshaping.

Materials used to make equipment and weapons can be found in the game world. Materials come from knots that can be destroyed and other means such as chests. The dismantling of weapons, components and gear will also provide manufacturing equipment – or specific parts for your weapon or javelin.

Once you have acquired the plan and materials needed to make a specific object, head to the forge. Select the object you want to manufacture, use the plan and materials to create your object. Provided this is rare enough, it will give you a new listing.

In the video, the notes of Arekkz are available in all rarities, up to the masterpiece. Currently, he does not know if the legendary plans are out there. Once the game is out, we'll let you know if legendary plans exist or not.

What's interesting with the plans is that the more you use a weapon, the better you'll find better shots. How does it work, once you have got a weapon, you will face a set of challenges. By using the weapon and completing the defined challenges, you will unlock higher plans up to the masterpieces.

Challenges vary from killing a number of enemies, sometimes types, to some type of killing with the weapon.

If you plan to try Anthem, watch this video quickly as it explains things concisely.

A VIP demo is currently online and I hope you could play despite the connectivity issues. Here are some workarounds for the most common problems. He goes offline on January 27 at 6 pm, 9 pm, 2 pm, United Kingdom (January 28)

Next week, the free Anthem demo will be available to everyone on February 1st and will remain available until Sunday, February 3rd.

Anthem is released on February 22 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The EA and Origin Access trials of the game will begin on February 15th. Visit our main Hymn page to find out everything.


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