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Hooligans club sleeping homeless in Brooklyn and leave one in a coma

Five criminals hit a group of homeless men while they were sleeping on the Brooklyn sidewalk during a vicious filmed attack, police said.

The assailants kicked and kicked the four homeless in front of a storefront on 60th Street near Fort Hamilton Parkway in Borough Park around 11:45 pm on February 23, police said.

One of the victims remained in a coma and the attackers escaped with only $ 5, police said.

During the assault of the first victim, one of the criminals repeatedly shouted "money" before approaching a second homeless man and giving him shots from head to head.

The pack of bullies struck the men in turn, striking the victim's head at one point.

Two of the victims, one 51 year old and the other 41 year old, were rushed to hospital soon after the attack.

Later in the day, another homeless man complains of having a headache and was taken to NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, police said.

He then fell into a coma at the hospital, a police source said.

The police are looking for the attackers.



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