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How to install a PVC pipe

PVC pipes have significantly improved plumbing. It replaces cast iron and galvanized pipes in almost any situation. Lightweight and easy to use, PVC is available in many sizes. Fittings and related hardware are readily available at plumbing and hardware stores.

Step 1 – Understanding PVC

PVC pipes are made from polyvinyl chloride and plastic. It is used in drains, as vents and for treating waste in buildings. It is rigid, light and strong. Due to the ease of installation of the PVC pipe, it is ideal for drainage applications under kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities. The many fittings available to attach PVC make it universal in all environments, except for very high temperature applications. It works much better for plumbing than the old standard cast iron pipe because it does not need to be hot welded, it resists almost all alkaline or toxic substances and is easy to install. There are two types, defined in the standards: Type 40 for individual houses and Type 80 for industrial environments.