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How to use a paver

A paver is a tool used to remove weeds between bricks and pavers. This includes driveways and driveways leading to a house. The tool, with a length of about 10 to 11 inches, has a lined L-shaped blade that is connected to a wooden handle. The blade itself is about four to five inches long.

The use of a paver requires a construction site with a stone path or brick topped with weeds that need to be cut. The cost of the tool varies between 15 and 25 USD and can be easily purchased online or at a gardening store offering gardening tools.

Step 1 – Buy a Paver

To use a block paver, you must buy a block paver. Talk to an online retailer selling this tool or to the gardening section of a home improvement center. Here you will find different brands of paving slabs to use in your weeding project. Select the tool that best fits your hand and is the easiest to use. Do not forget that the paver is a sharp tool; so be careful that it stays covered and that the side of the blade is away from your body.

Step 2 – Use the paving knife