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Howard Stern fears losing his hair during a cancer alert

When Howard Stern had to deal with a 2017 cancer alert – which he hid from his listeners – he worried about his hair as much as about his internal health.

"I might have been to Sloan Kettering connected to a slow drop of chemotherapy and deprived of my mane resembling that of Samson," writes the shock-shocked reformed 65-year-old in his new book, "Howard Stern Comes Again ".

"Of course, I know that losing my hair would not be the worst of chemo, but imagine my face with a bald head."

Stern then explained in an interview that his mountain of curls was entirely natural and maintained without dyes or other follicular turns.

"It's a miracle!", He told us. "I do not have much, physically, to brag about. You know. I do not. I'm not beautiful. As I said, this hairless face would be really weird, you know it. But I must tell you – and I swear on this on a pile of Bibles – that I do not put any color in my hair. And at my age, I'm gray, do not get me wrong, but it's mostly black hair. And I do not see any real baldness. I am really blessed. "

He figures: "I am convinced that it comes from my grandfather on my mother's side. . . My grandfather had black hair [till 80], and [even then] a full hair. I was lucky in this department. "



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