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Immaculate Pokémon cards are selling for $ 107,010

A complete set of first edition Pokémon cards sold for $ 107,010 Goldin auction. But do not worry, it's extremely unlikely that the card binder your mother threw away sold at a comparable price.

As TMZ reported for the first time, the 1999 game, sold last Saturday, includes 103 cards, one of which is a holographic Charizard. Twelve bidders raised the price to more than $ 100,000, with a minimum bid of $ 25,000 for new cards. On the phone, Dave Amerman, Director of Consignations at Goldin Auctions, said Kotaku not a complete set of first complete edition would sell at the price of a Mercedes-Benz S class.

"There is a common misconception with these cards," he explained. "The key to selling here is not just having the complete set. You can build a complete package for maybe $ 1,000. "

The missing link here is a so-called "GEM Mint Condition," a metric that evaluates card corners, color consistency, and brightness. As for the $ 107,010 Pokémon together, Amerman said: "On the back, they have the dark color, the blue Pokémon border. You can not know if you do not look closely, but on the back, there is sometimes a white tear. To get the perfect score, it must work with a solid color in front and back. "

Amerman said that sometimes fathers millennia called him to evaluate their 50-year-old baseball card games. Even after a $ 15,000 assessment, he said, "They will ask," And these? »Of their children» Pokémon cards. Sometimes he says, "These are worth double what your cards are worth!"

Since 2016, Pokémon Series of cards similar to this one have been multiplied by 10, said Amerman. He added a completely implausible anecdote: "You have these millennia, who are broke, who may be finishing their studies and who have six characters in their closet."



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