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Install a Childproof Gun Cabinet in 6 Steps

Children and guns do not mix, and it is your duty to ensure that guns are kept in child-proof gun cabinets. To build a child-proof gun cabinet you should start with a cabinet that is already fitted with good locks.

Step 1 – Choose Location

Decide on where the gun cabinet will be installed. If it is going to be displayed on the living room wall for visitors to appreciate make sure it has unbreakable glass in the doors. Behind a closet door or in the garage are other options.

Step 2 – Hide It from Children

Do not place a gun cabinet in a room where children will often play. Move it to a room where they do not normally go and if the room has a closet, put it in there. If possible, do not let the children know where your gun cabinet will be; curiosity is a very powerful trait in children.

Step 3 – Secure to Walls