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A joist bracket is the horizontal beam that supports the floor joists. The joist bracket helps strengthen the floor so it can support the required weight. In some cases, additional joists will need to be installed before extremely heavy objects are on the floor. This is especially true if you plan to get a grand piano or something of the same caliber.

Install a joist bracket

When installing a joist bracket or a series of supports, you need to add enough not only to make the floor stronger, but you also need to make sure there is no sag. Indeed, the deflection can cause the cracking of a soil, like a tiling. There are a few websites with calculators that will allow you to grab your media and know what type of flooring you can install.

In addition, when installing joists, you must make sure that they are level. Secure the joists using joist brackets. The project should not take you more than a few hours; However, you should take a little more time to check that all levels are equal. This will ensure that your work has been done properly and will last a long time.


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