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Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm is proud of her and is a mother

Kathryn Dennis is a tough guy and she knows it.

"I felt extremely proud to act alone. And by celebrating myself and recognizing all the progress I've made, which I never do, "said on page 6 the star of" Southern Charm ": she was a single mother for both her children. "It was very liberating and satisfying, and I'm really proud of who I have become, what I've lived, and I hope I can inspire other women to know that you can do it because we are all stupid people!

Dennis, 26, shares two children, Kensie, 5, and Saint, 3, with Thomas Ravenel, 56. Ex-combatants are involved in a long and uncomfortable guard battle on children.

Ravenel will not take part in the show when she returns and even sued Bravo and the producers of the show for the purpose of preventing them from broadcasting Dennis' images with their children and discussing his case of sexual assault and murder. their custody.

The legal battle is still going on and Dennis has since evolved with Hunter Price from America's Got Talent.

Despite all the drama on and off the screen, the reality TV star loves motherhood, especially on Mother's Day.

"I took the kids to a friend's house and made a piece of plastic from Home Depot," the Southern Charm star told Page Six about the Mother's Day celebrations before the premiere. program. "I did not know the size of your living room. We poured baby oil on the clothes, and we just slipped and had fun!

Season 6 of "Southern Charm" starts on Bravo at 8pm. AND Thursday.



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