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Microsoft the Musical is a bizarre advertisement made by trainees during their free time

Today, in the corporate malaise, Microsoft the Musical is one thing. It's an eight-minute song and dance on Bill Gates, operating systems, Xbox, faulty phones and cloud computing, created and performed by the enthusiastic group of Microsoft interns this summer. Here is the kicker: They did it for free during their free time.

According to the video credits, Microsoft the Musical is "the work of 150 full-time employees and trainees at Microsoft who have volunteered morning, weekend, and evening for this to happen."

It's an elaborate showcase in which dozens of young people are singing and dancing on the Microsoft campus, expressing their opinion on the Surface Tablet that my parents think they need, but do not need, to change. the world and Minecraft.

Unsurprisingly, there is no such talk about Microsoft's $ 480 million contract with the US military and the more than 100 employees who, unlike the most common chorus of the musical, would certainly like this to happen. not happen there. Anyway, I do not know how Hololens weapon development applications would result in songs and dances. It's the self-conscious that searches at Vista.

I find the whole business weird. Of all the causes for which music, dance and work are devoted free of charge, the continued success of Microsoft is at the bottom of the list.

I do not know, Microsoft is perhaps one of those places with pear armchairs, free snacks and a barrel of craft beer. This would have had a magical effect on the assimilation of companies from an early age, especially if it was my first job after working for a stunning IT position or dealing with impossible customers in the service sector.

Maybe it's just a platform to start their career on Broadway. They seem to be friendly and enthusiastic people and my intention is not to denigrate them, but why make elaborate commercials for free? Microsoft already has all the money. Bill Gates does not need beautiful words about his life. He is so incredibly rich that he literally needs nothing.


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