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More characters from Heroes of the Storm are in development, but more original heroes for the moment

Qhira joined the list of storm heroes earlier this month and then followed Orphea to become the second original character in the classic Blizzard multiverse range. Do not expect these heroes born in the Nexus to dominate the future of the game – there are plenty of well-known Blizzards to come.

"The overall reaction to Qhira has been very positive," says head game designer Brett Crawford. He added that "we expected to receive critical comments for his release on an iconic hero, but at the end of the day, the team felt that the time had come for Qhira to enter the Nexus. "

Crawford said, "We hear these comments and understand the passionate players who are patiently waiting for their favorite hero to find his way to Heroes of the Storm. I promise that they will not be disappointed. We have several heroes under development among your favorite Blizzard games. "

"We can confirm that we currently have Heroes in development for our other games," adds game designer, Jackson, "and we have no other Nexus heroes in development yet."

Qhira is currently live from Heroes of the Storm, with a fairly large set of relationship changes – you can get a more detailed explanation of the intent behind these changes directly from Blizzard via this link.

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