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New Heroes of the Storm ranking system makes "more balanced matches"

The stature of Heroes of the Storm in the snow storm pantheon has certainly suffered a lot in recent years, but the studio continues to provide new updates. The last fix brings some pretty fundamental changes to how grading and matching work. So we asked the game designer Adam Jackson what exactly was the intention of these changes.

"In previous seasons, the matchmaker has taken into account both the player's rank and his MMR to create games," Jackson said. "This created strange situations, especially for players whose rank and MMR were strongly deviated one from the other." Now your rank in the Storm League is directly mapped to your MMR. Overall, this will make the matches more balanced compared to the previous one, because the skills of each player will be measured more accurately. "

In addition, the ranking matches went from 10 to 3, and Blizzard believes that the preseason tests were sufficient to ensure the proper functioning of this placement. "If the placement system goes wrong one way or another, we'll find the problem and deal with it appropriately."

The full release notes also explain the effect of rank degradation on players who do not participate in the game, but Jackson says it should not have a huge effect.

Instead, it is simply an effort to "better normalize the degree of player degradation for being out of the game". This should not really change players' interaction with degradation, but it was mostly done to make it clearer when they start to break down. "

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