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Nvidia's RTX 2070 Super and 2080 Super cards are back in stock

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The latest Nvidia GeForce RTX "Super" cards are still hard to come by, at least at reasonable prices. The company's Founders Edition (reference) models were put in stock and in stock, while GPU partners increased the price of their versions. If you were expecting an RTX Super card at a non-inflated price, Nvidia has now replenished its stocks in its online store.

The 2070 Super and the 2080 Super are in stock at the moment, but the 2060 Super is already sold out. These are Reference Cards / Founders Edition. They operate at normal stock speeds and do not have additional features such as RGB lighting.

The main advantage of these cards is that Nvidia sells them at the recommended retail price: $ 400 for the Super 2060, $ 500 for the Super 2070 and $ 700 for the Super 2080. By comparison, even the cheapest 2070 Super cards on Newegg (stored) cost $ 50 more than MSRP.

You can buy cards.


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