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Opening of the Apex Legends Event Iron Crown Collection with Solos Mode today

The event in the Apex Legends Iron Crown collection, which includes the limited time Solos mode, begins today.

Apex Legends Solos Limited Time Mode was first introduced by Respawn Entertainment a few weeks ago. The fashion is part of the Iron Crown Event Event that begins today.

Solos have 60 players competing in a free royal battle. So, instead of working with others for a common goal, you do it solo.

It is possible that the Solos mode remains in the game, but this is not the case at the moment. According to Respawn, "it is too early to say if the Solos will be permanent or not," but it will be necessary to keep an eye on things to "look and see what happens".

Here's what's included in the Iron Crown Event Event:

  • Limited Time Mode – Solos
  • Takeover of the city of Octane
  • Double XP for the top 5 and win the weekend
  • A special pack of Iron Crown collections and an Iron Crown event store: with the game Bloodhound Heirloom
  • Exclusive event challenges with free loot

Players will discover that some remodeling has taken place at Kings Canyon with Takeover of the city of Octane. There is now a protection course and a ring of fire. This change will remain a part of Kings Canyon even after the end of the event. If the community appreciates this character-specific takeover, the team will explore the possibility of adding others in the future.

The team also provided ratings on thematic articles of limited duration that are included in the Iron Crown Pack. You will have a 50% chance of receiving an Epic item and a 50% chance of getting a Legendary item among 24 themed items. Packs will not include common, rare, or duplicate items. This means that if you unlock the 12 Epics while retaining items, you have the guarantee of a legendary at each opening of the Iron Crown crown pack. "

You can also expect a new currency at the event called Wreaths. These are achieved through challenges and received from Iron Crown Collection Packs. Spend them in the new limited-time event store to unlock Rare, Epic and Legendary content limited to Event. At the end of the event, all unspent crowns will be converted to Metalwork.

If you unlock the 24 items in the Iron Crown Collection Pack, you'll get Legacy of Bloodhound with Apex parts. The Bloodhound Heirloom Set will enter the standard bonus pool after the iron crown preview event.

You can read more about the Iron Crown Event Event event on the official blog.

The event will last two weeks.


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