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Overwatch league role blocking changes still can not satisfy fans

Overwatch The fans of the league asked for change and they understood it. The fourth leg of the season began three weeks ago with the introduction of a 2-2-2 role lock that forces teams to be composed of two tanks, two DPS heroes and two backers. This change would finally put the meta "GOATS" long revolt, which involves three tanks and three supports, pasture. Now, there is a new meta powered by a certain robotic cow, and viewers do not like it either.

This does not mean that the fourth stage was negatively unanimated. It started with an explosion of variety of heroes, the 30 heroes having been played at various times, the fast return of classical compositions like "dive" and long-lost favorites, like Mei, suddenly becoming pillars. It seemed that anything could happen and the new role locking system did produce unexpected match results. The second week gave us some surprises, with the worst team of the season, Washington Justice, who beat the best team of the season, the Vancouver Titans, their first 0-4 defeat. already. After a difficult season, the GOATS defensive game in which the best teams rarely left the cards, let alone the lost games, was the kind of upheaval required. Until it metastasizes, again, into a new and now familiar meta.

Weeks two and three saw the meta begin to solidify, as it always happens. Although the composition still varies according to the size of the map and other factors, there is a new base composition centered on the aforementioned cow, Orisa. It provides a shield, as well as a powerful amplification of the damage with its ultimate; finally, his ability to "fortify" allows him to survive attempts to control the crowds of other heroes (such as the punches of Doomfist, the low shields of Brigitte or the "halt" of Orisa). Roadhog is her main crime partner, with Orisa's "stop" ability, which serves Roadhog some of the best bits to hook onto her often fatal territory. Orisa and Roadhog are usually supplemented by area healers such as Lucio and Moira, as well as two DPS so little known that their unpopularity inspired memes: Mei and Reaper. Now, Reaper is acting like a tank destroyer once teams get closer to each other, and Mei is getting closer and closer with crowd control over abundant ice, a capacity to Obscene survival and an ultimate that can freeze everyone in a small radius. This last part is essential, because when two teams execute this program, the fights tend to be more and more varied and personal. A well-chosen Mei ul can, and often does, annihilate a whole team.

Obviously, this composition does not correspond to GOATS, which generally involves three tanks, three supports and a billion Meis and negative Fauchers. However, viewers are already starting to complain about this, with Twitch's spamming messages, such as "Mei meta is trash" and "It looks like goats" almost every time the action is interrupted. It may seem strange to say a new meta, but the problem, for some viewers, lies in the pace.

"According to the experience of viewers, this is the style of play that I believe leaves much to be desired by viewers," said a fan in reference to GOATS on the site of the competition. Overwatch subreddit. "You've generally grouped, pushed, used your ults in a very formal way, and then you rinse and repeat … For the most prevalent 2-2-2 program currently (not the only one, I admit, but the most widespread) you group, push, use your ults in a very formal way, then rinse and repeat. The meta's playing style, from the viewer's point of view, has not really changed. "

When longtime Overwatch Fans think DPS, they imagine Genji sailing through the air, his sword beating with virtuous fury. They do not imagine that Mei is freezing Genji in a green icy mirror and then skipping his head with a single click. These two things are viable parts and intended to OverwatchThe DPS spectrum, however. Mei is meant to counter hyper-mobile DPS. Despite this, the most vocal niche of Overwatch The fans of the league, who already belong to the league, wish a high-flying action and great mechanical skill. Some of them can appreciate the tactical skill needed to make ironclad compositions, but if it allows a slow and predictable action on the ground, they seem to get bored quickly.

It's also important to note that fans are fed up with just about every meta-dominant – even the meta "diving" strongly inspired by the 2017 DPS today.

However, it's also important to note that fans are tired of pretty much all the meta-dominants –even the meta "diving" strongly inspired by the DPS of 2017. What some of these viewers seem to really want is a constant change.

"The best time is when the meta breaks and team theory on the fly," said a Reddit fan.

"That's why we should update the game more often for it to keep coming," said another.

This is not really a viable way to manage a professional sport. Certainly, a degree of unpredictability can be fun, but too much is just chaos. It's a line that FortniteThe professional scene had to work because of Epic's frequent and ambitious (but also difficult to balance) updates, sometimes to the dissatisfaction of the audience and the pros. In addition, an aggressive update schedule does not leave much room for tactics and meta to evolve organically. When this is allowed, we get some of the most memorable moments of esports. The culmination of this season's Overwatch The League, for example, was easy when the Shanghai Dragons, the worst team of 2018, deciphered the GOATS meta with DPS-dense compositions and defeated three major teams one after the other. the other to win the title of the playoffs of the third stage. Nobody saw him coming. It was electric.

Then the fourth step has arrived, and with it, the role lock 2-2-2 too. Suddenly, the viewers are feeling tired again, partly because of the new meta and partly because of Blizzard's decision to impose a late-season meta-shift that has upset all the stories that are going on. 39, were accumulated during the rest of the season. .

The journalist Esports Yiska compared that to Game of thrones, of all things.

"You have the juicy accumulation of the first 3 / 4th in the series developing all those intriguing intrigues that feel authentic and follow a coherent and sensual narrative," he told Reddit. "Teams like Valiant are radically improving with an established meta and defending themselves. Shock must undergo the qualifiers of the first stage and experience the defeat in the final before returning to phase two of the final, all on equal ground … Everything feels won. "

Then the fourth step and locking the role appeared: "Suddenly, without any accumulation and we really get the sense of development of the character, the Justice is one of the best teams in the world and have a chance against everyone. Corey getting rid of the Titans is as rewarding as Arya jumping across an interdimensional portal to kill the Night King. NYXL went completely crazy for no good reason and Daenerys was completely fucked out of the season. The Shanghai Dragons, who were at the top of the playoffs of the third stage, lose to the Defiant. It has as much narrative meaning as Rhaegal is stopped by the iron fleet. "

When the meta-shift from last season, which preceded the playoffs, went on, you could at least find it up to a starting point. The stories always had continuity. Here, this is not the case, so it is more difficult to feel invested in these unexpected upheavals. On the positive side, the current meta still has a lot of room to develop and evolve. It has only been a few weeks and we are starting to see more and more appearances of DPS like Widowmaker, Hanzo, Pharah and Doomfist. Also Symmetra ??? Heck, Jay "Sinatraa" Won, from the shock of San Francisco, even managed a Genji classic this weekend. As the playoffs are fast approaching, there is still time to warm up or at least warm up a bit. Hoping they do it.



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