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Past days continues to get updates; Here are all the patch notes

Days Gone has suffered from various issues since its launch, with numerous reports of audio issues and game-related bugs. SIE Developer Bend Studio has released a series of fixes that can quickly resolve some of these issues.

The Oregon-based developer has invited Reddit to announce three separate patches for its zombie-infested open-world action game. The three patches – fixes 1.05, 1.06 and 1.07 – are short and easy, and deal with the automatic backup feature, the loss of audio, the complications related to streaming, and so on. You can read the full release notes below to see what has been changed and corrected in the past few days. These are all available now.

Patch 1.05

General corrections

  • A fix for a streaming problem in some places

Fixed crash

  • Fixed a bug causing some players to crash when starting the game.

Known problem

Patch 1.06

General corrections

  • Autosave now saves the correct number of backups to your backup cloud account
  • The sound should no longer be cut / cut when it comes to equipping certain engines and exhausts on your bike
  • Difficulty settings are kept in patches

Known issues

  • The crash at startup and other problems of this magnitude are under study. From now on, if you have not downloaded patch 1.06 and Days Gone startup yet, hotfix 1.05 will remain active. Upcoming updates

Patch 1.07

General corrections

  • The sound should no longer be cut / cut when it comes to equipping certain engines and exhausts on your bike

Despite performance issues, Days Gone still managed to top UK sales, according to the Chart-Track sales monitor. In addition, Days Gone will receive free downloadable content in June, including a new survival mode and challenges focused on cycling, horde and combat.

In our review of Days Gone, we said: "Driving a swollen motorcycle around the world and taking out nests and hordes of zombies is a satisfaction of being able to complete checklists for an open world. I wonder what was the purpose of all that. "


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