Pepsi considered defending the players with a signboard in the space

Imagine yourself staring into the calm night sky and, in the foreground of a galaxy of glittering stars, seeing an advertisement in a contentious space claiming justice for the players. Last weekend, the Futurism website announced that PepsiCo had recently considered launching an "orbital display board" in the space in order to promote its campaign "against unjustified stereotypes and prejudices at home. Against players ".

The Russian company StartRocket, which claims to be able to launch "orbital screens" in space at an altitude of 250 km, is at the origin of this strange and pervasive incursion into space capitalism. Apparently, he will use 10-meter (30-foot) satellite sails as "pixels". It is unclear exactly how StartRocket receives funds or whether it is about a regurgitated science fiction series wrapped in an investor journal. (StartRocket did not come back KotakuRequest for comment by time presses.)

PepsiCo would use StartRocket's technology to launch an ad for Adrenaline Rush, an energy drink for the Russian player market. A recent "manifesto" on YouTube – PepsiCo's words, not ours – about the product contradicts the idea that video games are meant for children, calling it "the most unjust stereotype of the century". A press release for Adrenaline Rush explains that "the time is coming for change: it's time to say 'Stop'. lack of respect and misunderstanding of the game culture, in order to get rid of unjust stereotypes. "The stereotypes in question, apparently, are that the players are toxic and unemployed children.

Curious and a bit (read: extremely) skeptical about the perspective of existing space display panels outside the anime Cowboy Bebop, Kotaku contacted PepsiCo to confirm that this is real. The company explained it, but their so-called "exploratory test" was a "punctual event".



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