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Phil Spencer believes that the game's streaming is "in years and years"

By Natalie Clayton,
Wednesday, August 14, 2019 13h30 GMT

The director of Xbox, Phil Spencer, believes that a "Netflix for games" is further than you think.

Google opened the doors of cloud gaming services earlier this year with Stadia. With a future without hardware on the horizon, Microsoft tinkers with its own streaming service, xCloud.

But Spencer does not think streaming will be the way to play anytime. They will certainly not replace a box under the TV at the moment – even if xCloud does not intend to do it.

"I think in a few years people will play," Spencer told Gamespot. "And I mean years, like years and years."

Recognizing that streaming had become a burning issue on television, Spencer reminded Netflix that Netflix had rebounded in one form or another for 20 years. Technological changes may seem instantaneous, but it takes a lot of work.

"I think streaming will get there faster than 20 years, but it will not be two years from now. It is a technological change. Although it seems to happen overnight, it does not happen.

"It takes time for these services to evolve. We build for the long term, but that's why the choice is so crucial. "

Streaming games present many challenges compared to video streaming services such as Netflix. The input latency and the breadth of data are a major concern for the provision of 100GB games on a cable.

However, even once these problems are solved, the problems of price fixing and the preservation of the game are not lacking.

Do not throw your Xbox in the trash for now.

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