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Phil Spencer does not want to fight in the war of your console

While Sony was not participating in E3 2019, the common opinion was that it would be Microsoft's show to "win". But according to Xbox head Phil Spencer, in an exclusive interview with GameSpot after E3, he is not interested in the opposition between Xbox and PlayStation, and he does not think that the rivalry fueled by the fans between the two companies well in general. It should be that Sony and Microsoft are competing technologically, but rejects the idea that there is a petty undercurrent that drives this campaign. For him: "Business is not sport, it's different."

If anything marks the spirit of mutual cooperation Spencer is talking about, it is E3. ESA, where Spencer sits on the board, is the driving force behind the event. It regularly brings together groups such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to work together to make the most impactful opportunities possible for everyone. This is a coordinated effort with ambitious goals and, from his point of view, the lack of stands from Sony and major publishers is simply a disadvantage. "I see it as we should all be here," Spencer told GameSpot. "We should all do our best, I'm not the only one to share it, and everyone on the ESA board aspires to have an E3 where everybody feels I can say Same thing about EA not being there with a booth, let's say the same thing about Activision, it does not specifically call Sony, but I think that we want to create an E3 where all gaming companies feel that their time is worth it and that players like to come over there and celebrate their love of the game ".

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"The good thing about E3, is that we are all sitting around a board meeting," Spencer said. "EA is here, Take-Two is here, Sony is here, Nintendo is here, I think there are 30 board members from all the major [publishers]… Epic is here. We are talking about how we make this show a better show for everyone. Whenever you can – and we're all focused on that – you can create common areas of interaction for us as a gaming industry, where we can expect to grow, as we've done over the years I think it leads to the idea that it makes sense for us in some cases to cooperate on different things. "

What Spencer says is that if E3 is a major opportunity for all involved, it is also a starting point for global opportunities later. An example not so small: Minecraft. "As a major Minecraft publisher on these other platforms, the longer it takes for both of us, whether it's Sony or Nintendo, whatever, it just mitigates the fact that … the Friction may not be the best word, but I'll say, "Hey, are these people well-meaning in what they do?"

Good intentions among the competitors are one thing, but the game has always struggled to present itself as an industry with good intentions for misinformed viewers and legislators. As the game continues to gain in influence and profit, it is natural that the target continues to evolve over time. Here too, Spencer thinks that meeting is the only way to ensure a future for all: "As an industry, where games are crossed, with types of … I would say threats to the gaming industry – like the legislation on booty funds, articles from the World Health Organization – these are things that come together to make sure that we have a good constructive point of view on our form of 39, art and what it means in society … I think all of them are a part of us, as an industry, knowing that the main competitor we have is actually not one of them. 'other.

While most customers who buy from the console are only able to follow a single high-end gaming console, an opportunity that he hopes to win at least, the animosity often expressed by the community of players is about the opposite of what Spencer likes to see. "I think there was friction on that side as well, so the fans may feel like we should not like each other because a console is blue and a console is green and these two elements can never mix, "he said. "I know that some parts of the community want us to be more aggressive and competitive, I think competition between us, from the point of view of innovation, the business model and the value, makes a lot of sense, competition at the human level or a punitive level, I find that this is not really part of the way we continue to grow the game. We have a lot to gain from the fact that we have at least one common point of view on important issues for the game. "

"As our industry becomes more relevant and used by more people, I think we have a responsibility to ensure that we are good shepherds of the game, while continuing to grow." – Phil Spencer, head of Xbox

If a platform holder deserves the award for being the loudest about the need or the desire to collaborate, this is an Xbox, but Spencer sees rays of hope in others, even if they are more subtle in nature: We probably talk more about it outside than they do. I do not like talking about their business. They run their business from their point of view. But if you just look at … what is a good example? I think it was last summer when Nintendo realized the Minecraft Better Together ad that she did. And she contained an Xbox. I'm pretty sure it was the first time this ad had the Xbox logo, "recalls Spencer." They insisted that Xbox and Switch, together with Minecraft, are creating a better solution. They created an advertisement around it. I found it rather cool to feel obliged to do it. I think the industry is more, internally, as we discuss, we are more aligned on these topics. Everyone must operate at their own pace, from the point of view of their company. "

Spencer set the tone for Microsoft's future when he discussed the future of Xbox at E3, especially the future console currently known by its code name, Scarlett. Scheduled to be shipped during the "2020 vacation" publishing window, Scarlett is expected to be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. According to Spencer, this power could be used in an unexpected way. He also talked to GameSpot about the xbox Cloud Xbox cloud game service, and spoke about Phil Harrison's very different approach to Google's Stadia service.

We have separated several notable stories from our conversation with Phil Spencer and presented the full list of news articles below, including our great profile on the frank and positive leader of the Xbox.


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