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Prey 2's audio diaries further reveal the story of the canceled game

Prey 2 is one of the canceled games I think the most. This trailer was enough to generate a lot of anticipation and dreams of bounty hunters on an alien planet. Instead, we had Arkane's excellent, but radically different Prey. We will never play Prey 2, but we can now listen to some audio diaries.

uploaded by Andrew BormanCurator of digital games from the Museum of Play, the newspapers are all from the point of view of protagonist Killian Samuels, but they all concern his predecessor, Tommy. Some of the story details reported in 2017 clearly indicated that Tommy was an important part of the sequel, and these diaries give us a little more information about their relationship. Give them a listen below.

As the only humans present on Exodus, the duo escapes from the city and remains faithful to the evil aliens who roam the galaxy and devour everything. Tommy could have made enemies in the first game when he destroyed their ship. To be fair, they were trying to enslave humanity.

Like most audio diaries, these are exhibition dummies that are not very exciting to listen to, but that are an artifact of a lost game, they are a little more interesting. Arkane's Prey has nothing hidden from this version and does not continue the story, so Tommy's adventures will remain with no tomorrow.

Last year, Borman posted a clip sent by Human Head, showing nearly a minute of Prey 2 footage. It's noisy, very neon and it's a shame we do not have it. Never have to take it for a ride.


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