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Rainbow Six Siege teaser offers our first official look at Ember Rise operators

There is still a long way to a new Rainbow Six Siege season, and if you followed, it's not surprising that the fourth season of season 3 is now officially known as Operation Ember Rise. Ubisoft announced the title this morning, with a little teaser art that gives us a first glimpse of the new operators Ember Rise.

the teasing shows the two operators sitting near a campfire. A woman with short hair and a red headband hands a mug to a male character, and the art aligns very well with the previously disclosed concept images. Ubisoft has already confirmed in the roadmap for the fourth year that these operators would come from Peru and Mexico.

The name Ember Rise is also part of the first indications on gadgets Y4S3 operators. One is probably a kind of flame gadget – Ember -, while the other should be a grapple – Rise.

We'll see more this weekend in the Raleigh Major final on August 18th.

You can also expect a pool of reduced-ranking cards and a retouch of the Kanal card as part of the new season. We will discover all the details very soon.

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