The planet needs a new Internet

Alternative InternetThis week we are looking at how the Internet could have been – and could be – different. When…
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The Manhattan blackout proved how fragile our infrastructure is

Midtown Manhattan was surreal Saturday night. The center of our little island is supposed to be the center of the…
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False show of rage by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

If there is anyone in America who believes that the leaders of the Democratic Party are interested in a constructive…
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A mistake of $ 2 trillion? This is what Washington needs to do to make its infrastructure well-suited

President Trump and Democratic leaders have discovered the only policy that unites Washington: spend money we do not have. Yet…
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Democrats, Trump has accepted a $ 2 trillion infrastructure deal

The leader of the Senate minority, Chuck Schumer, said Tuesday that congressional Democrats and President Trump had reached an agreement…
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Selected articles from Kotaku's reader-led community: Into The Infrastructure

The selection of articles of the day of KotakuThe community led by readers: In the breachinfrastructure • My thoughts on…

British ISP transforms broadband infrastructure into EV charging stations

The telecommunications company is testing the concept using Virgin Media's cabinets and cable ducts, the Financial Times reports. The existing…