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Take the autumn to prepare for the winter

With shorter days and cooler temperatures, fall has officially arrived. Autumn is the perfect time to go out and do some seasonal maintenance work in the garden. While cleaning your lawn and garden in the fall makes your landscape look better, it is also an integral part of the healthy vegetative cycle. Many plants prepare a large part of their time for seasonal changes. However, you can help them and make sure your soil remains vital by paying them a little attention before the winter.

1. groom and feed your lawn

Fall is the best time to give a finishing touch to your lawn. Remove thatch, fertilize and reseed between mid-September and mid-November, depending on where you live. Winter fertilizers help the grass develop strong, healthy roots. Consider sprinkling your lawn with a cover crop such as winter rye. Your grass will be beautiful and green throughout the winter and spring; winter rye will add essential nutrients to the soil.

2. Cut your perennial flowers