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Texas cops are looking for this thief stealing wedding thieves

Forget the stolen wishes, she took the wedding gifts.

Texan cops are looking for a woman nicknamed "The Wedding Crasher" after stealing thousands of dollars in gifts to at least half a dozen newlywed couples.

The avowed thief performs the stunt by dressing as a wedding guest and sneaking into the reception where she picks up envelopes full of cash, checks and gift cards, according to the Comal County Sheriff's Office.

The authorities were first informed of the marital aggressor when she celebrated the wedding at Spring Branch last November.

Since then, she has hit at least five more times, mostly in the same place.

"It's someone who marks someone's special day and ruins it," said Comal County Detective, Scott Frakes, at KSAT-TV.

Investigators said they obtained surveillance images of several stores showing the sacrilegious swiper using allegedly stolen gift cards.

The cops are still working to count the losses, but they estimate that the total is in thousands of dollars.

"The problem is that not all the victims have kept their receipts, so it will be difficult to find all that was stolen," said Frakes.

The Comal Crime Stoppers is offering a $ 4,000 reward for the thief.



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