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The 10 best offers of August 13, 2019

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We see a lot of business on the web at Kinja Deals, but it was our top ten today.

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Tuesday's best offers: Posture Corrector, Fresh Scallops, Dolby Vision TVs, etc.

49 "Dolby Vision 4K TCL 49S517 TV, free bacon and scallops with a new …

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# 1 tcl dolby-visiontv

TCL's 2018 Series 6 TVs are renowned for offering all forms of HDR (including high-end Dolby Vision) and excellent Roku software in an affordable package. The 5 Series has virtually all the same features, with the exception of a local LED dimming boxes. It still supports Dolby Vision, it still has an advanced Roku remote control and application control, and it always looks amazing.

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TCL made its terribly cheap 4K TV even better

It seemed unbelievable last year, when a handful of TV companies started selling 4K TVs with HDR …

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So, if you're on the market, the 49 "model is back today at a record $ 300. Or, if you're feeling bold, you can get a $ 210 rebate.

N ° 2 Xcentz battery

Until recently, USB-C Power Delivery batteries were exclusively large. Like 20,000 mAh or more, and a few pounds to boot. But if you do not need a lot of energy for a few hours on a plane, this pack Xcentz costs 10,000 mAh and costs only 14 dollars with the promo code XCENTZ219. You even get a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-A cable, which is ridiculous at this price.

To be clear, its USB-C PD port emits only 18W, not the 30W or even the 45W we saw on larger packages. But I used a sample sent with my Nintendo Switch during a flight last weekend, and it was fast enough to increase the charge level of my Nintendo Switch while playing. Breath of naturebut not very fast. It will also charge an iPhone at the maximum possible speed if you pair it with a USB-C to Lightning cable like this.

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Charge your iPhone faster with one of the cheapest USB-C to Lightning cables we've seen [Exclusive]

USB C Cable to Lightning RAVPower | $ 10 | Amazon | Promotion Code KINJA809

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Walnut St. Jacques

Butcher Box has just added a new meat to its arsenal: Atlantic scallops caught in the wild! Yes, sea chicken nuggets can be delivered to your door, and if you sign up for a new membership right now, you'll get a pound of scallops and a pack of bacon for free, plus everything else would have been in your box anyway.

You might be tempted to make scallops wrapped in bacon, and I would not blame you, but there is nothing wrong with savoring them separately, on their own merit.

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How to cook scallops without destroying them: the case of bacon

The first step is to hire a grimy-eyed boy with a mustache in pencil to …

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Your bonus comes with one of the boxes pre-selected by Butcher Box, priced at $ 129 for 24 servings, or $ 238 for 48 servings, which can be delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a minimal supplement, you can also create a fully customized box with your protein choices.

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8 essential hatches with bacon

Today we celebrate International Bacon Day. Here are 8 of our favorite bacon hacks covered …

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N ° 4 home vacuum cleaners

Unless you live in a small bubble perfect, you need a vacuum cleaner. Pets, children and daily daily damage make the vacuum cleaner need, not a need. If you've always wanted a Dyson, but not at the retail price, you're in luck. Today, Home Depot has up to 50% off some vacuum cleaners, including two Dyson models.

The V7 Motorhead Extra Cordless Vacuum is priced at $ 239, while the Small Ball Multi Floor Vertical Vac for $ 199. If you're looking for a Robovac, bObsweep's PetBair Plus Vacuum Cleaner and Robotic Mop saves you 50%.

# 5 posture corrector

Do you remember all those times when your mother told you to sit upright? It turned out that she was right. If you are now a bent adult, straighten your spine with an Amazon posture corrector, on sale at $ 18 with coupon code VYA9J2XA. The corset works by promoting long-term muscle memory. It's made of breathable and comfortable material so you can wear it under anything. Your mother would be so proud.

# 6 bose bed pushbuttons

Sleep well with these sleepbuds to mask the Bose noise at a reduced price. Down to just $ 199, this current price is the lowest we've ever seen.

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Bose has an expensive winner with his anti-sleep earbuds

Sleeping on weekends is difficult. My apartment is in front of a bar that only grows …

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Whether you live in a noisy neighborhood (like me) or want the benefits of a white noise machine without disturbing your partner, these Sleepbuds can be your benefit. In their review, Gizmodo said that they were incredibly comfortable, "gifted to drown out the sounds and easy enough to use."

The design recalls the true wireless headphones, comes with some mounting options, and they charge in a small case, too. You can choose from 10 different tracks / sounds, but a simple warning does not allow you to listen to music or podcasts before going to bed.

This current price is $ 50 lower than normal and matches what we saw at Amazon Prime Day.

Knife of kyoku # 7

You may not have heard of Kyoku, but we found that their Daimyo Damascus Steel Chef's knife was a pleasure to use and was incredibly beautiful to watch. However, we have an agreement on the company's 3.5 "paring knife, for more delicate kitchen work.

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The knife of this chef is as sharp as magnificent

I do not brag, but I use the good chef's knives since I cook myself. I…

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These steel ripples are not as dramatic on a small paring knife, but they still look good and the steel is always sharp. A paring knife is one of three knives you must have (the chef and the bread being the others, of course), and only $ 37 with the promo code KYOKUY2S, you can afford to give you an excellent .

# 8 nars

If you need NARS, head to HauteLook, where several palettes, lipsticks, eye shadows, false eyelashes, foundation, etc., are offered at unbeatable prices. Just be sure to act quickly, otherwise your favorite shade might be erased from this sale.

# 9 biased light

Just a few years ago, when televised polarization lights appeared on our radar, you were lucky enough to find a band for $ 20. And this tape would require that you press a physical button on the tape or, at the very least, keep track of a remote. Oh, and the lights were white. You do not like that? Pity.

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Why Bias Lighting increases the contrast of your TV and saves your eyes

Biased lighting can help reduce eye strain caused by long exposures on TV screens and monitors …

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Now you can get a $ 8 band (with promo code YAWPXRX4), you can control it with your phone via Bluetooth and display 16 million colors, whatever the desired brightness level. They reduce eyestrain, make the blacks on your TV look darker, but honestly, you should buy one because it looks cool.

No. 10 power strip

If you move your teenager to a dormitory or want to feed a few more gadgets than your wall outlet allows, this Aukey power strip is a no-brainer. With 4 outlets and 4 built-in USB ports, you can power just about any accessory or give a new job to your spare cables.

This current price is the lowest we have ever seen. Just be sure to use the promo code DKGTHX5H to get the best price.



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