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The ban on trans bathroom from the Virginia School Board found to be discriminatory

A federal judge ruled that Virginia school board policy prohibiting a transgender student from using men's washrooms was discriminatory.

The case stems from former transgender student Gavin Grimm, informed by the Gloucester County School Board, that he was required to use the women's room or private washroom, but that he could not use the room men although he identified himself as a man.

Judge Arenda Wright Allen of the US District stated in her ruling that there was "no doubt" that the school board's policy was discriminatory.

"Under the policy, all students, with the exception of transgender students, can use restrooms that match their gender identity," Allen wrote.

"Transgender students are isolated, subjected to discriminatory treatment and excluded from spaces where students of the same situation are allowed to go."

Allen wrote that Grimm's rights were violated under the US Constitution's Equal Protection Clause and Title IX, a federal policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex.

The school board will need to update Grimm's high school transcripts to reflect the gender it identifies with in Allen's decision.

In a telephone conversation with The Associated Press, Grimm said that he felt a sense of relief after the decision, calling the judge's decision "beautiful."

"My case has given me some kind of platform that I intend to use, as long as I have it at my disposal, for education. trans and advocacy, "said Grimm.

The lawyer said that he would continue to fight if the school board decided to appeal.

The Gloucester County School Board declined to comment on the associated press.

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