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The cheapest way to buy League of Legends content is Turkish Coca-Cola

League of Legends allows you to buy everything from experiences to new champions with real money via Riot Points – or RP – but the typical limitations of a near digital economy mean you do not have a lot of bargaining opportunities. an agreement on these points. There is at least one way to get a substantial discount: Coca-Cola in Turkey.

Coca-Cola has launched a new line of bottles featuring a large number of champions from the league. Each bottle comes with a refund code that opens a safe and a key worth 200 RP. As Reddit notes users, you can get these bottles for around 1.75 Turkish Lira, about 0.25 EUR or 0.38 USD, depending on the exchange rate of the day.

This is a fraction of normal RP costs in all regions, even in Turkey, where 400 RPs reach 12 lire. Be careful if you plan to import a lot of Turkish soda. Do not be surprised if these codes are all blocked by a region.

Bottle designs are very cool, at least.

This promotion has been in existence for at least a few months and the bottles are available in a variety of Turkish convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

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